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Resolution Supporting Lab Testing Personnel Approved Unanimously by the Missouri State Medical Association (MSMA) House of Delegates

posted: April 20, 2021

The Missouri Society of Pathologists (MSP) is proud to announce Resolution #18, “Public Recognition for COVID Lab Testing Personnel”, introduced in March by MSP President Dr. Chakshu Gupta, was approved unanimously at the MSMA Annual Convention on April 17, 2021.

Clinical laboratory scientists and pathologists have performed testing and delivered results for millions of patients in Missouri and the United States during the pandemic. They withstood long hours under stressful conditions, resource constraints, and personal health concerns from handling COVID-19 samples. Their role in determining appropriate methodologies for clinical care, evaluating test platforms, interpreting patient results, and providing consultative services regarding results has been essential to the fight against COVID-19. Resolution #18 publicly recognizes and expresses gratitude to all clinical laboratory scientists for their untiring, dedicated, and overall outstanding services, and to clinical pathologists for their invaluable medical services to patients during the pandemic.

During the meeting, 27 physicians submitted comments in support of the resolution. A selection of comments has been copied below.

“I strongly support this resolution. Pathologists and laboratory scientists and technologists stepped up, set up high-throughput COVID testing laboratories, and ran them sometimes without adequate PPE. They continued the essential laboratory diagnostic work (including autopsies) necessary to keep clinicians informed about their patient's test results and so guided therapy.”
— Douglas C. Miller, MD, PhD, representing the Department of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences at the University of Missouri School of Medicine, Clinical Professor and Chair.

“This is an incredible resolution and lab professionals should be acknowledged for the critical work they do and particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.”
— Amy Patel, MD, representing the Missouri Radiological Society.

“I strongly support this resolution to recognize our hardworking clinical laboratory personnel. This group is often underrecognized and they have been the backbone of COVID testing. They deserve recognition and appreciation for their efforts during this pandemic.”
— Natalie Webster, MD, representing herself.

All comments of support can be read by viewing the resolution with attached comments.

Resolution and Comments