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President’s Notification – Q3 Business Meeting and Leadership Retreat (October 1, 2022)

posted: September 27, 2022


The 3rd Quarter meeting of the Board of Directors will take place this Saturday, October 1, at the Lodge of the Four Seasons in Lake Ozark, Missouri. Members will come together to layout strategic efforts for society growth and engagement. In addition, the meeting will serve as the first ever Leadership Retreat of the Directors and allow leaders from across the state to share valuable insight into how the MSP can best serve their area. You will find the agenda booklet attached.

The MSP is pleased to co-host Brooks Blevins, PhD, with the Missouri Humanities Speakers Bureau and State Historical Society of Missouri. Dr. Blevins is the Noel Boyd Professor of Ozarks Studies at Missouri State University in Springfield and a respected scholar on all things Ozarks. He will share a fun, interactive program titled “How to Talk Ozarks in Seven Simple Steps”, which looks at words, phrases, and speech patterns once common in the Ozarks.

Members will also hear a presentation on the “Clinical Utility of Tissue and Blood in NGS and Liquid Biopsies” from NeoGenomics on Saturday. Róisín Puentes, PharmD, PhD will discuss current trends, workflows, and the science and utility behind tissue and blood in the diagnosis of solid tumor malignancies.

The MSP extends its sincere thanks to NeoGenomics (Tyler Merkle and Róisín Puentes), Merck (Andrew Fahrenkrog and Carl Meister), and Genentech (Dot Guccione) for their generous sponsorship and support of the MSP’s mission. The MSP also thanks its attending Directors and their commitment to helping revitalize the MSP, including Dr. Chakshu Gupta, President; Dr. Craig Dunseth, Vice-President; Dr. Jeffrey Craver, Treasurer; Dr. Laura Gardner, Secretary; Drs. Olaronke Akintola-Ogunremi, John Chrisinger, and Chris Gilbert, Directors; and Drs. Jwan Al-Allaf and William Mi, Junior Directors. A final thanks to Mary Sabatini for her work toward securing a location, overnight accommodations, meals, and assistance with sponsors, and to MAWD Pathology for lending her expertise to the MSP.

Agenda Booklet

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