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The Value of Membership in the MSP

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The Missouri Society of Pathologists is the only organization within Missouri that works on a state level on behalf of all Missouri Pathologists. As an incorporated body of professionals, we are recognized by the state and federal governments, by associations of other state and national groups of healthcare professionals, and companies. The Board of Directors and Officers work on your behalf and are responsive to concerns and questions that you may have therefore allowing you to concentrate on performing the best in your particular job role.

Invitation Letter from MSP President

A Top Ten List Of Reasons To Join The MSP In No Particular Order Are:

  1. There is more value in a $100 MSP membership than any other professional group
  2. The strength of an organization is directly related to the number of its members
  3. MSP leadership will be able to get your input on issues important to your practice
  4. Will be a strong voice on your behalf in Jefferson City for relevant legislation — remember that most regulations that directly affect your practice are state level regulations
  5. MSP interfaces with other pathology organizations and represents your interests
  6. Free or discounted attendance at the Annual MSP Meetings
  7. Free or discounted CME at the Annual MSP meetings
  8. Opportunities to network with pathologists from all over the state
  9. Volunteer opportunities for a leadership position allowing you to grow professionally
  10. The viability of the MSP depends on adequate funding in its accounts

Benefits of MSP membership:

  1. Pathologists volunteered their time to make this happen — please support your fellow pathologists in this important endeavor
  2. MSP is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to advancing the practice of pathology in MO and advocating at the Capitol Hill on your behalf
  3. The Society is a voice for all pathologists in Missouri — no one else will speak on our behalf
  4. Pathology is a unique discipline but lacks due recognition from healthcare providers, insurers, and legislators in MO - MSP will advocate on your behalf
  5. We are looking to build our membership to include pathologists from all practice settings across the state — this will make our voice stronger
  6. The College of American Pathologists (CAP) has recognized the value membership in State pathology societies brings to our profession and is supporting our efforts