Welcome to the Michigan Society of Pathologists

About MiSP

  1. Michigan Society of Pathologists focus’s actively on advocacy.
  2. We are the primary organization directly addressing pathology issues in Michigan and advocating on behalf of pathologists.
  3. We represent the largest state body of pathologists in Michigan.
  4. The greater the number of members, the greater the influence.
  5. We have much to protect:
    1. autonomy of practice
    2. value of our services in anatomic and clinical pathology
    3. extensive threats to pathologists livelihoods
  6. We have much to do:
    1. monitor regional laboratory and insurance industry
    2. monitor Michigan legislation
    3. support tort reform in Michigan
    4. mobilize pathologists, when necessary, when there are threats to practice
    5. facilitate pathologists networking
    6. assist pathologists in capturing and retaining new technology
  7. MSP will protect the profession against economic and practice challenges by acting in a pro-active mode with constant monitoring and preparedness for these changes.


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