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GAP Meeting in Atlanta

posted: November 2, 2022

0n October 28th and 29th, the GAP held its best-attended meeting in recent history at The Whitley in Atlanta. With keynote talks from Drs. Victor Reuter and Oluwole Fadare, gift card giveaways, and the election of a new President-Elect (congratulations Keith Stevens!!), it was a spectacular time in a spectacular venue. At least, we, who are writing this post, had a spectacular time.

The meeting also saw the end of Dean Joelson’s term as GAP President and the beginning of Dr. Lara Harik’s. Dr. Harik will serve until 2024, when the recently elected Dr. Stevens will take the reins.

Finally, the GAP would like to thank all of our corporate sponsors, without whom it wouldn’t have been possible. Dr. Joelson enjoyed chatting about fir, spruce, cedar, cypress, false cypress, hemlock, juniper, redwood, dawn redwood, yew, larch, torreya, pine, and araucarian cones with a few of you.

Dean Joelson, MD
Immediate Past President