Advocacy Contribution

Help GAP Impact the Future of Pathology

Please consider contributing to the Georgia Association of Pathology (GAP) Advocacy Fund

  • Proposals that could negatively impact patient health.
  • Legislation that affects your compensation.
  • Regulations that change your scope of practice.

These, and other equally important matters, are often determined by our state legislators. That’s why, as practicing pathologists, we need to make our voice heard on issues affecting pathology.
GAP is raising money to support future advocacy efforts. We are asking you to help contribute to help ensure that our legislators have the information they need to make decisions that directly affect our practices and patients we serve.

The money will be used to hire the services of lobbyists when they are needed to represent our interests. Almost all medical associations rely on lobbyists. As pathologists, we need to engage with professionals who know how to work closely with legislators and regulators, otherwise our voice will be left out.

Donate to the GAP Advocacy Fund

Please note, these donations are not tax deductible.