2023 - 2024

Advocacy Committee

  • Patrick Godbey, MD, FCAP (Chair)
  • Dean Joelson, MD (Committee Member)
  • Nikhil Patel, MD (Committee Member)
  • James Sikora, MD, MPH (Committee Member)

Education Committee

  • Faisal Saeed, MD (Co-Chair)
  • Qun Wang, MD, PhD (Co-Chair)
  • Nkechi Christiana Arinze, MBBS (Committee Member)
  • Amanda Barrett, MD (Committee Member)
  • Sandra Gjorgova Gjeorgjievski, MD (Committee Member)
  • Ritu Gupta, MD (Committee Member)
  • Nivin Omar (Committee Member)
  • Natasha Savage, MD, FCAP (Committee Member)
  • James Sikora, MD, MPH (Committee Member)
  • Gulisa Turashvili, MD, PhD (Committee Member)
  • Qun Wang, MD, PhD (Committee Member)

Membership Committee

  • Qun Wang, MD, PhD (Chair)
  • Di Ai, MD, PhD (Committee Member)
  • Lisa Cichon, MD (Committee Member)
  • David Cohen, MD (Committee Member)
  • Ritu Gupta, MD (Committee Member)
  • Lara Harik, MD (Committee Member)
  • Dean Joelson, MD (Committee Member)
  • Qiuying Shi, MD (Committee Member)
  • Wei Zheng, MD, PhD (Committee Member)

Outreach Committee

  • Natasha Savage, MD, FCAP (Chair)
  • Zaid Mahdi, MD, PhD (Case of the Month Lead)
  • Alexandra Medeiros, MD (Social Media Lead)
  • A. Sarah Erem, MD (Resident Lead)
  • Nivin Omar (Resident Lead)
  • Natasha Savage, MD, FCAP (Website Leads)
  • Patrice Smith (Website Leads)
  • Lara Harik, MD (Members)
  • Saja Asakrah, MD, PhD (GAPNews (Newsletter))
  • Vaidehi Avadhani, MD (GAPNews (Newsletter))
  • Dean Joelson, MD (GAPNews (Newsletter))
  • Natasha Savage, MD, FCAP (GAPNews (Newsletter))

Residents Committee

  • A. Sarah Erem, MD (Engagement: Chair)
  • Nivin Omar (Engagement: Education & Academics)
  • Thomas Cotter, MD (Engagement/Position: Professional Development)